SpeedCameraScam.com was formed in response to:

  1. Australia’s increasingly harsh and punitive road ‘safety’ system, which relies heavily on the use of mobile and fixed speed cameras, as well as handheld radar devices.
  2. The overwhelming evidence this speed-centric approach does nothing to lower the road toll, and may in fact be increasing it. This evidence is freely available to governments, but they choose to ignore it.
  3. The abundant evidence indicating governments turn a blind eye to this evidence because they are addicted to the millions of easy dollars they make from the speed-centric, revenue-raising approach.

For the record, SpeedCameraScam does not support reckless driving. Nor do we support driving at a speed excessive for the surrounding conditions. If someone gets caught tearing down a narrow suburban side street at 120 km/h, potentially endangering children, pets and unsuspecting homeowners backing out of their driveways, then we have no sympathy for them. Of course, the sad reality is this is exactly the kind of dangerous driving behaviour the current speed camera system is patently useless at detecting.

SpeedCameraScam.com wholeheartedly supports the removal of inebriated and drug-impaired drivers from the roads. We support evidence-based alcohol and drug testing as a road safety measure (sadly, the current drug-testing procedures are not evidence-based, and ignore the plethora of legal prescription drugs that also impair cognition and reaction time).

SpeedCameraScam supports increased police patrols on the road, so long as they are staffed by officers who have been trained not to treat motorists like mobile piggy banks, and not to pretend they are promoting road safety by sitting at the bottom of hills pointing highly-flawed radar guns at unsuspecting motorists. Instead, these patrols should be staffed by officers who have been educated to identify truly dangerous driving behaviours, such as driver fatigue, alcohol/drug impairment, risky overtaking and lane-changing, driving at speeds excessive for the prevailing conditions, tailgating, driving without seat belts, driving while using mobile phones, failing to allow sufficient room for cyclists, failing to give way, and so on. These are all behaviours that pose a very real threat to drivers, their passengers and other road users. While speed cameras and radar guns are essentially useless in detecting these behaviours, police patrols can not only identify them but intervene immediately and neutralize the potential danger.

SpeedCameraScam also supports more extensive driver training and education. Many Australians, sadly, have a highly aggressive, impatient and territorial approach to road use. Anyone who has driven in the UK or Europe will know drivers there tend to have a far more patient and co-operative attitude towards road use. In countries such as the UK and Spain, where road fatality rates are among the lowest in the world, courtesy and compromise are the norm (highway speed limits in Spain, by the way, are 120km/h, and there is talk of raising them to 130km/h). We’re not sure why so many Australians transform into such feral, angry creatures when they get behind the wheel, but it is a most unbecoming and dangerous trait long overdue for serious reform. And again, it’s a trait that speed cameras and radar guns are doing absolutely nothing to counter.